Measuring machines

Our company CR-DAT cooperates with the company WENZEL Präzision GmbH, who is the leading German manufacturer of Coordinate-measuring machines. We offer a wide range of high quality and high precision products.

 3D measurement

Leave the measurement of your products to our experts in the field of measurement and metrology. We use precise 3D measuring machines, equipped with the latest measurement software,  through which we can create a Protocol that will fulfill your requirements.

Calibration of CMM

Benefit from our long experience in the field of calibration of coordinate measuring machines. We provide our services for the leading manufacturers in the automotive, mechanical engineering and plastics industry in Central Europe.


Make use of our wide range of CMMs accessories. We will gladly help you to choose the most suitable accessories for your measuring machine. We can deliver the most common touch probes and accessories within 24 hours.

About the company

The company CR-DAT was established in 1991. Main activities in the first few years included delivery of computer technique, designing and realization of computer network, program coding and services in the area of IT . In the year 1996 our company started co-operation with the company OKM GmbH Jena, by distribution of their products, installation, calibration of measuring technique, technical support and training of customers more.